Kevin Shikuku

Innovation and Scaling Scientist

Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku is Innovation and Scaling Scientist with WorldFish based in Penang, Malaysia. He holds an Msc in Agricultural and Applied Economics and PhD in Development Economics. His research interests are primarily in the fields of agricultural economics and development economics, with a focus on aquaculture/agricultural and rural development. He is interested in research about approaches for scaling aquaculture and agricultural innovations; seed systems; data-driven agriculture including development of mobile data collection platforms; nutrition-sensitive agriculture/aquaculture; estimating resilience of rural livelihoods to covariate and idiosyncratic shocks; food safety including developing countries' willingness to pay for food quality and safety; evaluating adoption and causal impacts of agricultural/aquaculture technologies; and the role of research and policy in promoting sustainable food systems. He is currently working on projects seeking to (1) Assess the performance of improved strains of fish and evaluate seed dissemination systems in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Malawi; and (2) Evaluate consumers' willingness to pay for seafood safety and quality in Nigeria. He enjoys using framed experiments, games, and quasi-experimental approaches to understand economic phenomena and human behaviour. He has recently conducted a randomized control trial (RCT) and economic lab-in-the field experiments to study incentives for agricultural knowledge and technology diffusion and how communication networks change in response to interventions.