Philippa Cohen

Program Leader, Resilient Small-scale Fisheries

Pip is the Research Leader for the Small-scale Fisheries Research Program and is based in the Penang office of WorldFish.  She also holds an Adjunct Research Fellowship at the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University in Australia. Pip has worked in research for development for 14 years and built her empirical research foundations were developed in the least developed countries of the Pacific.  Pip is strongly interdisciplinary and has applied research to critically evaluate different small-scale fisheries governance modes and management models for ecological, gender equity, human wellbeing, and food and nutrition security and outcomes. Pip now leads research that looks across scales (from local to global) and the WorldFish and FISH CRP regions of focus Asia, Africa and the Pacific – particularly examining policy environments and innovations that enable development outcomes through and within small-scale fisheries, and innovations along SSF value chains that optimise food and nutrition security benefits.