Fish health specialist

Scientist, Fish health specialist

Dr Shimaa Ali is a Fish Health Specialist based at the WorldFish Egypt office. Shimaa is an Egyptian researcher with extensive experience in monitoring, control and surveillance of fish microbial diseases. She holds a PhD in aquatic medicine from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway- 2014) and a Masters in microbiology from Cairo University (Egypt- 2007)

She was previously employed at the department of Hydrobiology, Veterinary division, National Research Center Egypt and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway. In her current position, she focuses on Biosecurity and diagnosis of different etiological agents of fish diseases in Egypt (Bacterial, Fungal, Viral & Parasitic diseases of fish).

Her PhD was part of a prestigious EU-funded project, Sustainable approaches to reduce Oomycete infections in aquaculture (SAPRO). SAPRO was a training network, part of a consortium for future researchers with a research focus towards the development of novel and sustainable measures to control Saprolegnia infections and support the aquaculture industry.

 This training gave her an opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment through collaboration with other researchers from various disciplines who were focusing on different aspects of the project. Attendance of courses, meetings and summer schools inside and outside Norway accorded her to deepen her knowledge on the common fish diseases and the recent advances for their control.