The project has been covering the poor households living in the Haor basin, having less than 2.5 acres of land. HILIP also covers small fishing households deriving a major share of their income from fishing. Among all the Fisheries is a very challenging component to the project. The component has a plan to access 500 waterbodies of different sizes and bring those under community based sustainable resource management.
Overall goal of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in the Haor Basin through improving the living standards and reduce the vulnerability of the poor. The project has the obligation to maintain conservation and biodiversity of beel fisheries in its process of intervention
Internvention Strategies
(iv) . Along with other activities the intervention includes some studies for assessing the impacts of project activities on biodiversity of beel fisheries. The Project is intervening fisheries resources through group approach called a Beel User Group (BUG). The individual BUG comprises of20 to 30 members each. It is expected that out of the total target of 500 BUGs, 256 BUGs have already been formed in Sunamganj. The project requires studying of the effect of its intervention on fish Catch and Bio-diversity, and livelihoods of BUG households.