Aquatic food cookbook promotes traditional recipes for health

WorldFish research analyst and Timor-Leste native, Agustinha Duarte, recently published a new book 'Cooking Fish and Seafood in Timor-Leste,' which has a collection of seafood recipes from Timor-Leste, each introduced by a story about a practice, species, or person, and highlights the importance of fish and aquatic foods for their livelihoods. Since achieving Independence almost 20 years ago, Timor-Leste has been striving to alleviate poverty and reduce its high rates of malnutrition. The natural resources of Timor-Leste have the potential to improve their economic sustainability, provide equal income opportunities for men and women and support household consumption of safe and affordable nutritious diets. The book aims to provide inspiration to all Timorese, especially the younger generation, to eat more nourishing aquatic foods, and promote the national conversation on fish for all.
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