Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council(BBSRC-UK )_Improving hatchery biosecurity for a sustainable shrimp industry in Bangladesh_Quarterly progress report_February 2021- April 2021

The aim of this report is to describe quarterly progress of the project entitled “Improving Hatchery Biosecurity For A Sustainable Shrimp Industry In Bangladesh” during February to April of 2021. The aim of the project is to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Bangladesh shrimp industry. The report covers (i) WorldFish activities corresponding to the project specific objectives, (ii) snapshots of project activities, prepare the content for self-assessment of biosecurity app development, (iii) develop questionnaire for socio-economic survey, and (iv) prepare scripts for the biosecurity promotional video for the shrimp hatcheries. In our knowledge, the project initiate the first attempt in developing audio visual shrimp biosecurity promotional materials both in Bangla and in English.
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