Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council(BBSRC-UK )__Improving hatchery biosecurity for a sustainable shrimp industry in Bangladesh_Quarterly Progress Report_May 2021-July 2021

The aim of this report is to describe quarterly progress of the project entitled “Improving Hatchery Biosecurity for a Sustainable Shrimp Industry in Bangladesh'' for the period of May to July of 2021. The project achievements during the quarter include (i) developed questionnaire of socio-economic study, feedback on videos on shrimp hatchery biosecurity, (ii) conduct socio-economic survey in five hatcheries, (ii) developed seven videos to raise awareness on biosecurity, (iii) mobile app content development for self-assessment of biosecurity and (iv) assist to draft two peer reviewed articles. Country wide lockdown due to COVID-19 during 5 April - 10 August 2021 caused the major challenge in implementation of the project activities.
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