Business plan training in Zambia

Business plan training in  Zambia
Piloting inclusive business and entrepreneurial models project funded by GIZ, recruited 30 hatchery operators and 10 feed operators to supply seed and feed in Northern and Luapula provinces of Zambia. The need, therefore, to equip them with skills to plan their businesses as they venture in the sale of feed and seed. It is with this background that we conducted the business plan training. The main purpose of the training was to develop business plans with the operators recruited by the project. A total of 27 participants, comprising of 23 feed and hatchery operators were trained. The one-day training was conducted in 5 venues in Northern and Luapula provinces in order to reach the various operators in their localities. The goal was to maintain a few number of participants, as we observe regulations relating to Covid-19 prevention.
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