Extension manual on quality low-cost fish feed formulation and production

The TAAT Aquaculture compact has noted that fish farmers in Africa are confronted with many challenges in producing good quality feed. These include lack of access to quality feed ingredients, low skills of fish farmers and feed millers in formulation and preparation, nutrient requirements of fish, storage and packaging, feeding management, BMPs. This manual has been put together to assist extension workers and other trainers in facilitating and delivering improved technologies to formulating balance diet for aquaculture that promotes optimal fish growth and health. Development objectives are: i. To enhance the productivity of catfish. ii. To increase farmers’ income. iii. To improve food (fish) security and nutrition. Learning objectives include: i. To enhance knowledge on how to identify local ingredients for fish feed production. ii. To acquire experience of BMPs in formulating and producing feed for tilapia and African catfish. iii. To build entrepreneurial skills in business plan development for sustainable low fish feed production.
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