IFAD_Advancing Climate Smart Aquaculture Technologies (ACliSAT)_STATUS OF THE AQUACULTURE SECTOR IN EGYPT. Baseline Study 2020

A baseline of Egyptian aquaculture practices and cultured fish species was conducted through the Advancing Climate Smart Aquaculture Technologies (ACliSAT) project. The purpose of the study was to collect sufficient information at the beginning of the project to enable project evaluation and assessment of achievements at the end of the project. WorldFish Scientists conducted the study in April-May 2020. The study was based on desk review due to time limitation caused by pandemic of COVID-19. The resource of information includes the recent statistics, field survey studies and project assessment reports. Semi-structured surveys were conducted by phone to collect qualitative information and data from key experts when needed. There was no official database available for fish farmers, hatchery owners, feed millers and fish traders. The study therefore used WorldFish database from previous project interventions to collect information and to validate statistics when needed.
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