Illuminating Hidden Harvests country case study author: Elizabeth Palta Vega

Llluminating Hidden Harvests (IHH): The contribution of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development is a collaborative study led by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Duke University, and WorldFish. In this series, we profile some of the more than 300 experts from over 50 countries who contributed to the 58 country and territory case studies and thematic studies included in the IHH research. Elizabeth Palta Vega, head of the economics department at the Institute for Fisheries Development in Chile, was a contributing author to the IHH case study for Chile. Palta Vega, who has worked in small-scale fisheries for 20 years, is interested in the human dimension of fishing, from harvesting to the final consumption of fish and aquatic foods. We spoke with her about the importance of the IHH study and how it will help raise awareness of small-scale fisheries in Chile.
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