University of Exeter__Improving hatchery biosecurity for a sustainable shrimp industry in Bangladesh_Quarterly Progress Report_November 2021 - January 2022

This quarterly progress report summarizes activities, results and outputs for the "Improving hatchery biosecurity for a sustainable shrimp industry in Bangladesh" from November 2021 to January 2022. The specific objectives of the project are to (i) assess the biological, physicochemical and socioeconomic parameters of thirteen hatcheries to create bespoke biosecurity management strategies, (ii) enhance awareness amongst farmers of better management practices (BMPs) for receiving post larvae (PL) from hatcheries, and optimized practice for PL pond introduction and (iii) collect and disseminate evidence of the benefits of increased biosecurity. The major achievements during this period are (i) collection of socio-economic data of thirteen shrimp hatcheries, data entry (ii) prepare Bangla version of informal screening questionnaire for feedback on seven biosecurity videos, (iii) gather contact details of 48 participants from thirteen shrimp hatcheries for remote data collection for informal screening of the videos, (iv) develop a Facebook page of the project and upload biosecurity video in the Facebook page, (v) select seven hatchery professionals to review the content of the hatchery biosecurity self-assessment app, (v) develop shrimp hatchery biosecurity self-assessment app and (vi) prepare the content the project promotional video.
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