The African Great Lakes Regional Food System; the contribution of fisheries and the case of small pelagic fishes. A Discussion Paper

The aim of this discussion paper is synthesis of existing policy and strategic commitments that have been made already that implicate the fisheries for small pelagic fish. The Discussion Paper also presents some historical and also emergent data and evidence to help refine resultant actions to lead to improved nutrition, sustainability and economic potential of fisheries in the region. This discussion paper synthesizes current research and data on the status and values of fisheries and fish supply chains, particularly those focusses on small pelagic fish, operating in the Africa Great Lakes Region. We also use illustrative (rather exhaustive) examples of innovations and investments that have led to improvements in fisheries sustainability, nutrition outcomes, livelihood and wellbeing improvements, and greater inclusivity and efficacy of governance. The Discussion Paper, and its 10 points require renewed attention and commitment from the participants of the ‘5th SADC Industrialization Week’ that examines ‘Bolstering Productive Capacities in the Face of COVID 19 Pandemic for Inclusive, Sustainable Economic and Industrial Transformation’. As part of this week, partners will host a side event on “Promoting Small Pelagic Fisheries in the African Great Lakes, A regional think tank and planning meeting”.
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