Our leadership team is a diverse and global group of experts who bring decades of experience in scientific research, international and organizational development and communications.


Executive Team

The Executive Team works together to realize the strategy, research agenda and organizational vision for WorldFish and take decisions on issues that affect the organization across various functions at all levels.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees approves the center’s long-term organizational strategy, annual plan of work and budget and research agenda, and monitors progress toward our mission. It sets and approves programs and policies and financial regulations and exercises oversight of investment and risk management and ensures compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements. The Board of Trustees also has scientific oversight and fiduciary responsibility for the implementation of FISH.

Global Science Leads

The global research leaders are responsible for the overall coordination and management of our research agenda. They prepare annual work plans at the global level and support country and regional teams with research plans to ensure consistency with our strategic goals.

Country Directors

Country directors are accountable for the leadership and management of our country programs. Working collaboratively with our global research and functional leaders, country directors mobilize resources and deliver an integrated research-for- development program that addresses national priorities and organizational goals and strengthens institutional and partner capabilities.

CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH) Science Leads

The FISH leadership team is made up of the Program Director and Research Leads who guide the program towards its goals, providing research oversight and direction for country teams.